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The Code of Federal Regulations

CFR eBooks exact replicas of the printed editions.CFR eBooks are exact electronic copies of the printed CFR books. You can download CFR eBooks and read them immediately so there is no waiting, CFR eBooks are cheaper than their 'hard copy' counterparts. CFR eBooks also offer the convenience of size and portability, you can store your own personal library of CFR e-Books on your PC, Laptop or Pocket PC.


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Stop wading through volumes of hard copy CFR books and let these easy-to-use CD-ROMs do the work for you. Each CD-ROM program includes the powerful Adobe® Acrobat® Search and Retrieval Software for finding the information you need fast.

SMartPDF documents retain the same "look & feel" as the official GPO printed versions and include 100's of hyper links and custom formatting for enhanced viewing and navigation.

  • Hypertext LinksGive you instant access to referenced regulations and important information.

  • BookmarksProvide a simple point-and-shoot access to navigate the CFR e-Books.

  • Powerful Search SystemAdobe Acrobat Search, can quickly search all or part of the CFR book or complete library to find your answers with ease.

  • Quarterly UpdatesNew CFR e-Books are updated and replaced each quarter with changes as necessitated by  Federal Register publications.

  • Daily Online AccessGet free daily access daily changes as published in the Federal Register.

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About the SMartPDF Code of Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The CFR in PDF format is authorized by the publisher, the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register, and the Government Printing Office (GPO) to provide the public with enhanced access to Government information. GPO  continues to make the paper editions of the CFR and Federal Register available through its Superintendent of Documents Sales service.

The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each title is divided into chapters which usually bear the name of the issuing agency.

Each volume of the CFR is revised once each calendar year and is issued on a quarterly basis approximately as follows:

  Title 1 through Title 16 as of January 1
  Title 17 through Title 27 as of April 1
  Title 28 through Title 41 as of July 1
  Title 42 through Title 50 as October 1

All titles are delivered on a custom CD-ROM. Each CD will include the powerful Acrobat Search and Retrieval software, which provides: Hit highlighting, Boolean searching, Word stemming, Results ranking, Thesaurus, Sounds-like, Match case and Proximity. Acrobat documents retain the exact 'look and feel' of the original printed versions. Custom SMartPDF format includes thousands of hyper links and custom formatting for enhanced viewing and navigation.

Print CFR Books or Booklets using the Print-on Demand capabilities of the digital volumes.




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Maritme Regulations

Shipping CFRs Include applicable CFR coverage

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The Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations
 (CFRs) All Fifty Titles
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40 CFR
EPA Library

40 CFR - EPA

CFR Title 40; EPA
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29 CFR Library


OSHA - 9 Volume  Set
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21 CFR FDA Library

21 CFR - FDA

CFR Title 21:
 Food & Drug
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49 CFR - Transportation, DOT

 CFR Title 49: Transportation
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